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BIC Contracting offers engineering and infrastructure and building services that include design, development, construction, and operation & maintenance, with a strong emphasis on transport-related projects.



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Project Overview

The Airport Interchange and Airport Region Road Network project in Abu Dhabi comprises the construction of the interchange to the new airport terminal, including four viaduct bridges and ramps; construction of airport city entrance, including 2 bridges and ramps; and construction of secondary dual 3-lane road networks between Yas Island and the E-10, the new airport terminal and between interchange 6 and the E12.

Works also include the widening of the E-10 carriageway and widening of the residential flight road from dual 2-lane to dual 3-lane, as well as modifying the presidential flight road access to the E-10.

BIC Contracting LLC (previously known as HLG Contracting LLC), will also extend the northbound on-slip ramp of interchange 5, including the construction of a new over bridge.

A drainage pumping station, and associated drainage network for the E-10 and E-12 interchange will also be delivered, as well as drainage, street lighting and intelligent traffic system works.

Project Details

Location :Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Client :Abu Dhabi General ServicesCompany PJSC (Musanada)/ Department of Transport (DOT)
Commencement :2014
Completion :2017